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Wizards Athletics

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Wizards Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

Yesterday @ 8:20AM by Mario Garcia

Spring Girls Soccer Season Registration (Important)


Good Morning all,

Spring registration - online - is from February 10-21.  If an athlete has already played a fall or winter sport, the athlete only needs to update their physical if needed and pay their $75 sports fee between those dates.

Otherwise, after registering online, the athlete needs to submit the signed signature authorization page (from the confirmation email they receive after they have registered), an updated physical and $75 sports fee.
Mario Garcia
Head Coach

Team News

3 days ago @ 1:25PM

Scheduled Open Gym Sessions Jan and Feb

We will be holding open gym training sessions in the Gym and Weight room on the following Dates. Trainings will be from 8:00 - 9:30 pm. Changes to training location, time, and status will  be posted within 24 hours of the scheduled training. 


17th (Wednesday), 18th (Thursday), 22nd (Monday), 24th (Wednesday), 29th (Monday), 30th (Tuesday)


1st (Thursday), 5th (Monday), 7th (Wednesday), 8th (Thursday), 4th (Wednesday), 16th (Friday), 19th (Monday)


Coaching Staff



Team News

2 weeks ago @ 1:45PM by Mario Garcia

Happy Holidays to all (Open Gym, Indoor update)

Lady Wizards and parents,

I hope Christmas was a time of rest and a time to slow things down and enjoy family.  We are at the tail end of the break and indoor season and the 2nd part of pre-season voluntary sessions is upon us.   Thus far, open gym has been very productive and we've seen an average of about 20 girls on most nights.  

Indoor is an opportunity to build some chemistry, compete, improve game fitness and gain confidence prior to tryouts.  While we have won our share of silverware in this fun league over the years including a great win over a top program like Fossil Ridge last year in the Championship, we really want to prepare players for the season and see how they have developed since May, that is the purpose of indoor, win lose or draw.  What we truly are working for is the joy of the journey and the goal of winning a state championship.  

We are in the process of picking a date for our annual parent/player meeting and will be posted soon.  Keep looking often for updates here.  Open gym schedule remains in place and can be found under team news.  Only Jan 2nd location change to the Edge is only change right now.

Gold and Maroon play Friday and White play first game on Saturday.  Rosters are posted under Team News.

 Here is the link for the Gold, Maroon and White indoor teams schedule.

Girls enjoy the rest of your break and be ready to be "all in" when we get back to work on Tuesday.  We will meet at the Edge at 8 pm Jan 2nd (830-11) to play against each of our indoor teams with the winning team staying on when a goal is scored.   Having as many players from each team (white, maroon and gold) as possible would make this a more enjoyable session.


Mario Garcia


Team News

1 month ago @ 9:35AM

Finalized Indoor Rosters

Below are the finalized indoor rosters. There have been several updates to the previously posted rosters to accommodate all players and allow for balanced teams. Parents and players please remember that the indoor league teams do not in any way influence or determine a players school season roster position. Schedules will be posted to the Edge website at a later date. If you have any questions please contact Joe Ernst by phone (970)-406-1085 or by email 

Windsor Gold (Varsity A) Windsor Maroon (Varisty B) Windsor White (JV)
Coach: Mario Garcia Coach: Joe Ernst Coach: Charlie Kingsburry
Haylie S.  Eva V. Kaleigh W.
Adalyn V Brook R. Mallie B.
Kyndel A. Alexa K. Dakota P.
Domonique W. Lydia T. Abi W.
Esther S. Lilly S. Hailey M.
Katie K. Collette W. Alyssa S.
Alex Ramirez Megan Borem Sydney L.
Alyssa L. Catrina V. Whitney K.
Abby G. Megan Burnett Alex Rizzuto
Michaela M. Adi W. Allie K.
Julia B. Kailin K. Rachel Z.
Sarah J. Lauren B. Abby Z.
Brittney L. Skylar W. Kylie A. 
Kaleigh W.  . Julia P. 
Brooke L.    


Team News

1 month ago @ 8:58AM by Mario Garcia

Open Gym schedule and Indoor Roster

Good morning,

We begin open gym next week December 4th.  It is important that girls who are interested in participating in voluntary pre-season work-outs etc. bring their stuff to school in the event we practice at 430 instead of 8pm in the main gym.

It simply makes more sense to use the main turf when the weather allows and gives the evening back to the students.  The weather has certainly been warm enough to practice on the turf and well take advantage of that whenever possible.

It is important that players download big teams app to see any updates that may come up during the day or check the website daily at least 2-3 times during the day from this point forward.  Any changes to schedule will be made here first.

Our current pre-season voluntary open gym schedule is as follows but always subject to change:

Dec 4, 6, 8, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20

Jan 1, 2, 4, 5

First Indoor game is Saturday Jan 6th.  Times to be determined

Indoor Rosters have no bearing or impact on tryouts or which team the player makes.  While we would like to put 30 players on one team to play with their friends etc, it is impossible to do so.  We will have three teams again.  Two Varsity Teams and one JV team.  This is also not a school sanctioned league and it is not mandatory to play.  This HS indoor league simply serves as a tool to help girls prepare for the season.  Deadline to join is still Dec 1st OR until rosters are full and up to Joe Ernst, my asst coach to decide when they are full.  Last year players who played in the JV League played Varsity minutes in the regular season and vice versa so again, this does not affect tryouts.  Teams/Rosters are still subject to change and will be final After Dec 1st deadline.

This is the list we have so far but will check main office for additional registrations.  Depending on how many we get, some players may be denied opportunity to play as we do not want too large of rosters to allow girls to have enough time on the turf.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  If girls do not get on indoor teams, they are still going to get plenty of opportunity to play and compete during pre-season open gym voluntary sessions.


Mario Garcia

Head Coach




Team News

2 months ago @ 8:44AM by Mario Garcia

Open gym, indoor and tryouts this season...

Lady Wizards,

It is hard to believe that December will be upon us soon.  That means that it is time to begin our work to prepare for another great season of girls soccer.  Windsor High School continues to grow which consequently means more and more players try out for the team with aspirations of making the program.  Inevitably, it also means it is more likely to have to cut players unless we can find C team opponents as cutting players is something we don't ever want to do.

Every year we find that there are players that become complacent, players that develop significantly over the year and others that come in great shape, focus and fitness ready to contribute.  This year we have had the most number of transfers from out of state or neighboring schools which will add to the difficulty of selecting teams as well as talented incoming freshmen.  We have created a culture where every player earns their role on the team despite tenure and accolades earned.  This year will be no different and being a returning player is only part of the formula that is used to make the varsity roster.  Every player needs to prove themselves every year to ensure we are selecting the best 18-20 players on both teams.  We are predicting over 50 girls trying out this year.  Obviously this number could change. 

The season is a great journey for both of our teams.  We the coaching staff encourage you to start a fitness program if you haven't done so already to ensure you are ready for tryouts which is just over three months away.  The Gauntlet will be a great tool to use when having to pick between players who are very close in technical, tactical and individual skill/ability.  It is also a tool to determine who is physically fit and game shape ready since first game is only 8-10 days after tryouts.

If you haven't turned in indoor money, please do so as soon as possible as the deadline is fast approaching and teams are filling up fast.

Our first day of open gym is tentatively Dec 1st at 8pm in the main gym.

Mario Garcia

Head Coach

Girls Soccer


Team News

3 months ago @ 11:29AM

The Gauntlet

As part of our tryout process players will be completing the The Gauntlet fitness test. This is a test that is used by many college programs.  While the standards shown are for college DI soccer players, we will lower that standard to what I believe is appropriate for our High School program and expectations.

It will be good to try to achieve DI standards for those of you aspiring to challenge yourselves even more but the HS standards will be a appropriately lower.

You are expected to pass 4 of 5 standards as part of the tryout.  Passing or failing the expectation in this physical fitness assessment will ONLY be part of the overall tryout assessment and will have an impact on which team if any a player makes. Use the standards below to start a training program and set goals for the 2018 season. 


The Gauntlet

This test is performed on a running track. The standard times are for a Division I level Women’s Soccer Team Times in bold are for our team and moderately slower.

One mile (four laps) in 6 minutes 30 seconds

6:45 windsor time

Rest 1 Minute

Half Mile (two laps) in 3 minutes 15 seconds

3:30 windsor time

Rest 1 Minute

400m (one lap) in 1 minute 45 seconds

2 minutes windsor time

Rest 1 Minute

200m (half lap) in 40 seconds

1 minute windsor time

Rest 1 Minute

100m (quarter lap) in 17 seconds

20 seconds windsor time

Good luck,

The Coaches

Team News

3 months ago @ 9:51AM

Winter Indoor League Registration

Parents and players,

We are excited to kick off(pun intended) the 2018 soccer season with the winter indoor league at The Edge Sports complex. All returning and prospective players are encouraged to participate in the indoor season. This is a great opportunity to meet your coaches, teammates, and to get a jump on pre-season training. 

We plan on having teams in both the Varsity and Junior Varsity leagues with roughly 10-12 players on each team. This insures that there are enough players to field a team at each game and allows for adequate playing time for everyone. Players will be placed onto teams based on experience and school year. Indoor league participation does not have any bearing on player position during the school season and will focus mainly on player development and team chemistry.

All students interested in participating must submit a signed player waiver which can be downloaded fromt he Files page of the girls soccer website and their player fee. Player fees for this year are $57.00 and can be made by either cash or check to Windsor Girls Soccer. Please submit your player waiver and payment in an envelope with your name and grade to the Girls Soccer inbox in the main office by December 1st. 

If you have any questions about the indoor season, or our program in general please do not hesitate to contact Coach Garcia or Coach Ernst. You can find out contact information on the coaches page. We look forward to another great year. Go Wizards!

Thank you,

The Coaches
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