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Wizards Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

1 week ago @ 12:09PM

Pre CMU Team Camp Info


Just a friendly reminder that our last practice before Mesa is tomorrow at Windsor Middle School. Juniors and seniors are from 1-3 and Freshman and Sophomores are from 5-7.  See calendar here.  

Mesa reminders: We have received most of the payments for the charter bus. However, we have not received many of the medical waivers previously emailed out. Please bring both payment for the charter and your medical waiver to practice tomorrow.  Here is the link to the waiver.  

The charter bus is scheduled to leave at 5:30 am sharp on Monday morning. Please arrive at 5:15. What should you bring? Basketball uniforms, shoes, and socks. Flip flops, extra underwear, extra comfortable clothing, hat, sunscreen, and toiletries., and a towel. Water bottle, food, and snacks. A pillow and bedding, I’m bringing a sleeping bag. The kids will be living on the CMU campus for a week. Have your athlete bring some extra money in case they want to buy late night pizza, walk across the street and get a smoothie, or do something else. The price of the camp covers the games, lodging, and most meals. If the athlete wants to do anything else, that is what the extra money is for.  Please pack efficiently, just like our dribble, the charter bus will have limited space for all the bags.  

What time will we get back on Thursday? I am anticipating an early evening arrival back home. We will have games on Thursday morning and potentially into early afternoon. The bus will leave after the last game.

We are taking 4 teams and this will be an awesome and powerful team building experience.  Go Wizards.  Don't hesitate to email me any questions you have at

Lastly, I want to thank all the players who helped run our kids camp this week!  We had a huge turnout and the boys did a great job building relationships with the kids in the community.  

Team News

3.0 weeks ago @ 9:19AM

Basketball Update: June 13th


It has been a great 3 weeks of high school basketball!  Since the end of school we have practiced 7 times for a total of 14 hours, and we have competed in a total of 42 games at both the CU and UNC team camps.  Chemistry and brotherhood are being formed and our players play hard and with class.  Next week, June 13-19, we are giving the players a much deserved week off.  Please see our updated practice schedule as we lead up to the CMU team camp. We have added practice times at the end of our youth camp and due to the closure of the gyms at Windsor High School we will be practicing at WMS on Friday June 24th at two separate times due to gym space.  Please make those practices a priority as those will our last practices leading up to CMU.  We cannot guarantee playing time to players who do not make practice a priority.  

CMU Team Camp:  We are taking 4 teams to CMU and will be the highlight of our summer.  If you have yet to pay the additional $100 for the charter bus please do so by bringing a check made payable to WHS boys basketball at the next practice.  Here is the Medical Waiver form for CMU, please complete and bring to practice.  For more information about the camp click here.  We will be departing at 5:30 AM at the high school on June 27th.  

Youth Camp Update:  Coach Nicholls and I are excited about our youth camp June 20-21st.  Please help us spread the word to your friends, family members, and neighbors.  Registration closes at midnight on June 19th.  We are optimistic that we will reach our 75 camper goal.  We will contact the players directly who we would like helping run our youth camp in the next week.  

Enjoy the week off!  Go Wizards!


Team News

4.0 weeks ago @ 10:28AM

CMU Medical Waiver


Please complete the medical waiver for the CMU team camp here.  


Team News

4.0 weeks ago @ 10:23AM

UNC Medical Waiver and Other Things


We had a wonderful experience last weekend at the University of Colorado Team Camp.  Our teams played hard and had some fun.  This week we have the UNC Team Camp.  I will forward info to you about the schedule as soon as they are finalized.  Until then, please print and fill out the attached medical waiver form and bring it to practice this week.  Tomorrow's practice is from 1-3 and Wednesday's is from 4-6.  Here is our basketball calendar.  

Our youth camp will be held June 20-21 from 9-11 am at Windsor High.  Please help us get the word out in the community.  The flyer is attached.  Current players play a vital role in helping make it a success.  We will be checking with players this week to see who is able to help on those days.  

We are taking 33 players and 4 coaches to the CMU team camp at the end of the month.  We are taking a charter bus, please bring a $100 check made payable to "WHS boys basketball" this week to help cover the cost of the charter.  

Lastly, our 13th annual golf fundraiser is being held August 13th at Highland Meadows Golf Course.  Please get your foursome, hole sponsorship, and silent auction items confirmed.  Attached is the flyer, please help spread the word in our community.    


Thank you!  

Team News

1 month ago @ 8:44AM

CU Parking Update


The staff at CU has informed me that parking services has "messed up," and to park in the garage at the event center, they will not charge today.  Thanks. 

Team News

1 month ago @ 8:19PM

CU Team Camp Schedule and Rules

Team Camp Schedule:  Here

Team Camp Rules:  Here

Team News

1 month ago @ 7:03PM

Mini Camp Tomorrow: 2 Choices


We have decided to offer two mini camp times tomorrow to allow some player/family choice to those who may be wanting to leave town early for the holiday weekend.  We will have the first practice from 9-11 AM and the second one from 4-6 PM.  This is reflected on our basketball calendar.  This was communicated tonight at practice and we thought we would send out an additional email.  Come to the practice that best works for you, thank you!

Team News

1 month ago @ 12:06PM

Windsor Summer Basketball: Please Read


Our summer season is upon us and we are excited to get going!  Mini Camp starts this week.  It is very important that players highly prioritize our practices leading up to team camps and throughout the month of June.  We are implementing some new offensive concepts, if players don't attend they will miss out on invaluable reps.  Click here for our schedule.  See you tomorrow at 4:00 at WHS.  
Coach Jones continues to give players the opportunity to weight train with the football program.  See the weight schedule here.    I would continue to encourage our players to bring a teammate and improve their strength and athletic ability.  
For those of you attending the CU team camp, please complete this medical waiver asap.  We will be taking 4 teams.  Parents please be patient with schedules, we do not get those until the day or two before camp, we will email the schedule out as soon as we get them.  Until then, please make sure CU has your son's medical waiver.  
The UNC team camp will be a week after the CU team camp.  We will be taking 3 teams.  This is the biggest and best team camp in the state.  I will be forwarding you information from them as soon as I receive it.  It will also require a medical waiver.  
The CMU team camp is the last week of June.  We are taking 3 teams and will be an excellent team bonding experience.  We will be chartering a bus, as per the results of the email I sent out last week.  This will be an additional $100, please have your son bring me that check this week at mini camp, payable to WHS boys basketball.  
The program is hosting a youth camp June 20-21.  Here is the flyer.  Current players' participation is essential and a great way to give back to future wizards!  Please help spread the word throughout your network of friends and around your neighborhood.  
Our golf fundraiser date is set for August 13th at Highland Meadows Golf Course.  This is our 13th year and a program tradition.  Please help make this year's fundraiser succeed by doing your part.  If every family got a foursome to play, donated to our silent auction and or got a hole sponsor, the fundraiser would be our best yet.  Again, please use your network of friends, coworkers, and neighborhood to get the word out.  You will be surprised how generous our community is in supporting our program and our kids.  Here is the flyer  
New additions to the program:  As you watch our games this summer or attend practice you may notice some new coaches on the sidelines.  We have hired Mr. Dean Brockway as our D team coach and Mr. Barry Sabas as our Varsity assistant.  Don't hesitate to welcome them to the program! 
Barry Sabas Bio:  

"Coach Sabas enters his first season as a varsity assistant for the Windsor boy’s basketball program. Sabas comes to Windsor after 16 years as an assistant at Rocky Mountain High School. Previous coaching experience includes stops at Poudre High School and boys and girls club teams in the late 80’s. 

Sabas played at Northeastern Junior College before transferring to Colorado State University in 1975. Was an All-WAC selection in 1975. 

Retired from the Poudre School District in 2014 after 29 years as an elementary physical education teacher. Born and raised on the island of Molokai, Hawaii."

Dean Brockway Bio:  

"The Windsor High School boys basketball program is extremely excited to have Coach Brockway join our team as our Freshman Coach.  Brockway's big picture vision, commitment to making the program better, and proven experienced coaching and teaching young men make him a valuable addition to our staff and program.  

Coach Brockway has taught business classes at WHS for the last 15 years.  He earned his Marketing degree from Metro State University, teaching credentials from Texas State University, and Masters of Education in Human Resources from Colorado State University.  

Coach Brockway is an avid sports fan.  He loves his Windsor Wizards, Wyoming Cowboys, and Chicago Cubs and Bears!  Welcome to the team Coach Brockway! "

Go Wizards!!  

Team News

1 month ago @ 8:47AM

Windsor Basketball Information


If you have yet to register your son for summer basketball this is the last week to do so.  Click on the link below to complete the registration.  We are participating in 3 team camps and will play 22+ games this summer.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve as a team, have fun, and develop team chemistry that comes with spending significant amounts of time with each other.   

CU Team Camp Opportunity (JUNE 2ND - 4TH)

UNC Team Camp Opportunity (JUNE 9TH - 11TH)

MESA Team Camp Opportunity (JUNE 27TH-30TH)

Please help spread the word about our kids camp during the month of June.  We have been unable to have a kids camp in over 2 years so we want to make this a great experience for our future Wizards.  Current players' participation in our kids camp is critical to this experience and an excellent opportunity to use their platform as a Windsor Student Athlete to give back to the community.  Please share our kids camp info with friends, family, and throughout your neighborhood.    

Kids Camp (June 20-21)

Our 13th annual golf fundraiser is set for August 13th at Highland Meadows Golf Course.  This is our largest fundraiser of the year and a wonderful tradition in our program.  Save the date now and help us make it great!  

Golf Fundraiser (August 13th)

Go Wizards!  

Team News

2.0 months ago @ 12:45PM

Summer Registration


Our June basketball season is upon us.  This summer we have three exciting opportunities for our basketball players to compete and improve.  These team camps are open to all grades (9th-12th) and teams (Varsity-D-Team).  The CU and UNC team camps are commuter camps, parents/players are responsible for transportation.   The CMU team camp is an overnight camp in which the teams will be playing, sleeping, and eating on campus.  Parents/players are responsible for transportation, carpooling is a great option.  Overall, our teams will play 22+ games during the month of June.  Below are the registration links for each team camp, please provide all requested information and you can pay with a credit card.  We will have our mini camp the week before the CU camp, it is imperative that players who sign up for team camps to attend, otherwise they will have no clue what to do when "Box 4," is called.  Please let me know if you have any questions at  Our offseason calendar is here, please check on it periodically as there are always changes that occur.  

CU Team Camp Opportunity (JUNE 2ND - 4TH)

UNC Team Camp Opportunity (JUNE 9TH - 11TH)

MESA Team Camp Opportunity (JUNE 27TH-30TH)

Team News

3.0 months ago @ 5:07PM

Windsor Basketball Spring 2022 Newsletter


Please read this communication carefully as there is important information relevant to our off-season workout program.  

The secret is in the dirt is our offseason theme.  This was a phrase University of Texas coach Chris Beard used while at Texas Tech.  This mantra means that the secret to success and improvement lies in our willingness to get dirty and do the work.   If we say we want to be great next season, we have to be willing to get dirty, do the work others are unwilling to do, this is especially true in the weight room and in an empty gym or playground.  

Weight Training:  Coach Jones has given our basketball program the opportunity to weight train with the football program this offseason.   This includes a focus on functional explosive strength.  We believe we could all benefit from the weight room.  Strength and explosiveness touches every aspect of basketball.  From being able to guard your yard, to absorbing contact and finishing at the rim, and securing a tough 50/50 ball or rebound.  The stronger, more explosive athlete wins most of the time!   The great news is that we can all improve in this area, the secret is in the dirt.  Are we willing to get dirty?  During the months of April and May the basketball team will weight train on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:00-5:30.  Click here for the football calendar.  

15 K Club:  Putting the basketball in the hoop is at the very core of the game of basketball.  Last season our team made 40% of its field goal attempts. During league play, we made 22% of our 3 point attempts. The fact of the matter is we need to be able to shoot the basketball at a higher percentage.  Do we have players willing to do the work?  To get dirty?  The coaching staff at Windsor High School believes we do.  

We have put together an offseason shooting program that is not fancy, in fact it is dirty hard work.  The 15 K club is 153 days long and will start in April and End in August.   In each workout players will shoot 300 shots based on position played.  The routine provided can be adjusted by each athlete to fit their needs.  Regardless, athletes will shoot 300 shots per workout.  What is great about this program is that you can track your improvement so that you know you are getting better, not hoping you are.  When the coaching staff opens the gym up this spring, each athlete will complete this shooting program.  

Next fall, players who document and track their progress over the offseason and have made 15,000 shots will have earned a 15k club t-shirt and even better will come into the fall season a better basketball player.  Click here for the program, each player should make a copy of the document.  

Basketball Calendar:  Click here for our offseason basketball calendar.  We will start basketball workouts the week of April 11th.  Please save this calendar and check it periodically as changes are made.  

Incoming Freshman:  Incoming freshmen are able to begin working out with all of Windsor High School’s sport programs beginning May 1st.  We are excited to get to work with the class of 2026.  If you know of a basketball player interested in playing basketball at WHS please share this information with them.  

Summer Basketball:  Our second season is approaching quickly.  This is a busy month that will include a season's worth of games, practices, and our youth camp.  We are anticipating having 4 teams this summer and next basketball season.   We will be emailing out links in the coming weeks that will allow you to register and pay for summer basketball online, keep your eye out. 

Opportunity #1:  University of Colorado Basketball Team Camp (June 2-4th)

  1. 6 Game Guaranteed

  2. All Levels (Varsity, JV, C, and D teams)

  1. Commuter Teams

  2. Cost is $100 per player

    1. A 7 player minimum is required for a team to be formed and registered to play.  

  3. Transportation to and from camps is the responsibility of the player/parents.  

Opportunity #2:  University of Northern Colorado Team Camp (June 9-11th)

  1. 6 Game Guaranteed

  2. Cost is $100 per player

    1. A 7 player minimum is required for a team to be formed and registered to play in this event. 

  3. All games are played on campus and or the surrounding area.

    1. Players are responsible for transportation to and from games.  

Opportunity #3:  Colorado Mesa University (June 27-30th)

  1.  10 Games Guaranteed

  2. Residential Teams (All Levels)

    1. Cost is $275 per player

    2. Teams will sleep and eat on the CMU campus

  3. A 7 player minimum is required for a team to be formed and registered to play.

  4. Transportation is the responsibility of parents/players. 

2022 Youth Basketball Camp:  (Date:  TBD)

  1.  The boys basketball program will be hosting a youth basketball camp led by current student athletes at Windsor High School.

  2. More information will be coming out this spring.  

Please let me know if you have any questions!

-Coach Jon Rakiecki